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I get around to playing bass so rarely nowadays I get blisters on my picking hand every time I do 😔

I feel like I wasn't able to recharge socially today

Theory of Mind is the important stage in psychosocial developmemt in which one recognizes that other people have complex thoughts and mental states.

The next stage is when one discovers that other people can even imagine objects and interact with them convincingly. This is known as Theory of Mime

A lot of stuff to do and not a lot of will to do it 😩

How do y'all eat salt & vinegar crisps, it feels like my taste buds are dissolving

I'm feeling a lot of uncertainty right now, with everything going on. And my eyes are tired.

if you think about it, all games are turn based, and each frame is a turn

It's actually really weirding me out right now how if I respond to a an anglophone stranger's e-mail it's okay to be like "Hello [first name]" but in German we're mostly still stuck with last names and honorifics

I don't know who Snyder is and I don't watch DC movies, but I know that somewhere, Evan is very excited right now

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