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Even if a gemini link makes me curious, it does not make me curious enough to install a special browser. Just link to a web page

Germany continuing long tradition of war crimes by using a ukulele

What goes on in the mind palace of a person who pours gasoline into a plastic bag

Turns out it is impossible to fast when you’re visiting your parents

I put on a Devin Townsend song right after a The Black Keys song last night and was really disappointed by the difference in production

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I'm trying to think if there's any progmetal that has interesting basslines. At least Devin's material seems off the table, as far as I remember, the bass just follows the guitar in the most straight-forward way.

I’m so tired, but like, more than in just the physical way. I’ve been juggling a lot of tasks the past couple of days

music being "in time" is actually a myth made by the metronome companies to sell more metronomes

When I buy a safety razor, a shaving brush and shaving cream and use it for the first time

Me looking at art communities once again jumping at some centralized social media site instead of Mastodon

@dirt I just realized your favourite reaction image is topologically congruent with this one

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Me looking at people my age getting vaccinated in other countries

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