Reference to basket work storage solution 🙄 

Narrowly avoided buying a potato hamper! Phew! Because I really don’t require any further basket based storage solutions 😕

Some horses are introverts, others are shire.

Picture of a tree, mention of morning and an emoji. 

Nice morning 😕

OK, so I'm guessing a boost is a RT ? Right ? 🤔

Dear all / anyone if Im accidentally ignoring you it's because I haven't a clue how this works 🙄

Me on Mastodon ...

Insert confused John Travolta gif 😫

Also, are we allowed to say "really bad hair" on here?
In my defense she did have really bad hair 😟

Show thread

Anyone else wondering what happened to the Shopmium lady with really bad hair? 🤔

Wordle 314 3/6



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