Been in some weird situations this week. Had my windows box crash randomly and lock up repeatedly while windows told me it's not up to date, but won't do anything.... while still struggling to get in all my money, work on my gardens and try to save for an update for my Linux box.

I even got a letter saying they would reissue the stimulus I never got (any of them) but when I called, that was a lie and it will just be a credit. Least I've gotten in exercise!!!!

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@Gronok sometimes when it rains it pours! I haven't gotten in my exercise this week, so you are kicking bum there.

@WendyDLN Yeah, I'll do more but yeah. My processor for my main linux box is first run of the Ryzen 1600x and so it randomly will shut off cores and lock up my linux box Qonos. My windows box is an 1800x. Got them both at the same time and my Windows box (enterprise) is having some random weird issues. I had been using Qonos much more often until that first flawed run decided to start messing up more. FIgures, right? Just gotta save for at least a 3700x and update the bios.

@WendyDLN It's been a bit crazy. Money is a bit tight, but I've been getting some stuff in the ground here. I need to put in some new starts etc.... out at the other garden, and got a lot of stuff done in the house.

Going to probably hit freezing soon, so even more work and still cleaning up after that.. insanity with my friend.

I really appreciate you checking in. Thank you.

@Gronok We are already freezing, at night. Have been for a month. Hopefully, you can get everything done that you want before the weather turns.

Glad things are going better, even though it is still a bit crazy.

@WendyDLN this week it will, but it hadn't before this. Course you know I live in northwest Arkansas, about thirty minutes south of Branson Missouri.

But I got everything down but my strawberries in a bigger pot and bring my huge fern back in and my san Saveria (snake plant/mother in laws tongue) and my lucky bamboo. And a couple hanging plants. Everything else has to take its chance.

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