That second bed really flushing out. Figured my other friends would like to see what's been achieved.

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On top of that, I will get another cana in this bed in order to be able to tie the two together, just as a heads up.

@Gronok you really do have a knack for these things. It looks awesome, comfy and homely

@dude47 Glad you like it. This side needs a Cana as well. This is a far cry from the stark empty field with only a tree, a stump, and this bare pavilion in it.

I wanted it to feel like you could come, sit, drink something, read a book, and talk with your friends. I wanted it to feel welcoming. I'm glad you like the way it looks with everything. Still more to come.

@WendyDLN I thought so. It does need a Cana Lilly in the middle to tie in both sides and all that. If you scroll in closer Wendy, you'll notice a printed Shai-Halud in that one too..

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