For my friends on here, I have seen both "Let there be Carnage" and "DUNE" I will say I liked both. Dune is only the first part. Though they did positive respect for the book, but Frank Herbert's son is one of the directors so I am pleased. He did well with HOUSE ATREIDES!

My one complaint is the mispronunciation of House HAR KO NIN, not what they said. And that LIET is a guy not a woman! Few other small flaws, but it is faithful I believe to the books. I am pleased.

Venom 2 was descent!

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@Gronok Is reading the book first requered or can one enjoy the movie and then dive into the books for more?

@dude47 you can enjoy the movie. They let you know or hint at anything in the book you might need to know.

@dude47 As I said, there are only a few problems with it that irritate me in the first one, as I said. But... I like it, and it's not woke so there is that.

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