New chair, out with my Emmie, and the decorative kale from recently, kale yesterday, ice cream the day before.

You know, for when your showing the leaves dont care for your mulching and the Japanese maple is glowing red.

Now here is a bit of update for the others, I'll keep some up to date as I continue to develop them as well, but as it's my own home, it's more of a constrained/ when I have money/ not burdening others, kind of thing.

I have been starting to develop the side portions of my yard. I need to work on the back in spring. Its north facing with a fence, so that will be an interesting challenge. I think some potatoes should be good there, and perhaps a couple other things.

I know what I will do to the front, so the back and left side are going to get some more development.

That second bed really flushing out. Figured my other friends would like to see what's been achieved.

Some of he side plants in that same garden area. Filling out nicely and establishing themselves.

Newest of the beds at the Green Forest Library with my friend the Head Librarian standing at the very edge of the bed to show how big the canna's have gotten.

This is one of the statues I got today. Slipped them in. Those heuchera to go in and a couple plants given to me.

More to come. This is early stages on that second bed. Walkway up to the pavilion will be honeycomb cement walking stones. A small drainage "stream" and a honeysuckle tunnel going to the parking lot and a fence on one side to give it a good climbing shade structure.

This was before the finishing plants on the left hand bed, and the initial completion of the righthand one before it got more plants too.

A canna will go in the right one when I can get it, and a dogwood elsewhere too.

One of these is an older look from the front. I'll get a better one of the current growth that you can see in the other one from the back and see my container garden!

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