@WendyDLN Awesome. Missed it, but awesome. Zero Dawn looks awesome as well. I've been doing my linux games more often again!

@dude47 I didn't see that one on YouTube and thus why I was confused as I was on time this time and working on other stuff.

@dude47 It needs a lot more, but money. I have to be careful. I am encouraging the plants to grow and i am rescrubbing the tank.

Only one fish has been alive in the tank for the majority of this time, and is not the one listed here. I have more to do, like with virtually everything, but I am working on it since I could get a new light for it.

Hey @dude47 @WendyDLN Did I miss something, is Micheal not on today? I've checked a few times..

@dude47 Emmie is the woman I told you about before. The one that is... trying to make changes in her relationship to be with me. She got me the new chair as the other one was broken, and the Kale man, is one of two that is doing awesome in the winter garden! Heh!

New chair, out with my Emmie, and the decorative kale from recently, kale yesterday, ice cream the day before.

@dude47 usually, I have more pictures as well. I love being out in nature like that and being on the river two.

@Crazy_Thoughts_Podcast see the problem is, not only did she not watch the trial, or any of the videos, shes obviously racist herself.....

That hike was a couple hours, and a few miles. The person I went with couldn't cut the higher hills at the end and heading up the mountain. Waa still fun anyway and ACCOUNTABILITY CLUB!

@dude47 that is over my hostas garden at the house. Love it.

This is the tire swing to the side, and then the shot of the dogwood at the edge of he garden area, and then a blackberry bush in the back corner on the other side of the new bushes etc...

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You know, for when your showing the leaves dont care for your mulching and the Japanese maple is glowing red.

@dude47 As I said, there are only a few problems with it that irritate me in the first one, as I said. But... I like it, and it's not woke so there is that.

@dude47 you can enjoy the movie. They let you know or hint at anything in the book you might need to know.

@dude47 that's just along the fence line and what I've been altering. I am going to get an outside chair for that spot during spring so I can read when I am Not gardening

Now here is a bit of update for the others, I'll keep some up to date as I continue to develop them as well, but as it's my own home, it's more of a constrained/ when I have money/ not burdening others, kind of thing.

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