You guys know the drill: nothing but Phantom TV stuff for the rest of . I would love to finish Castlevania by, say, the end of the week?

So, uh. No more @HipHopPhantom streams until November. Everything from Phantom TV for the rest of the month will be more Castlevania and another Sim Sports event. More details on that here:

Remember deez 4 elements of


They tha true colors to represent tha urban people. Fuck everything else ya heard.

Tonight, I get to do some Spook Month shit. I got one game for all the Tuesdays. Everything else on Thursdays. Imma start at 8pm EST. Y'all already know.

Aw shit, it's Spook Month. Y'all mus be wonderin' why I ain't do a show last month. I was in a meetin' wit Anonymous about settin' up for Halloween n' bookin' a grudge match. So, Imma see y'all Tuesday.

Damn, why I took off for a whole week? Anyho, I'm goin' back to a console I ain't played on a hot 2 hours.

Ayo, Idunno what happened to Thursday, but we gon' do dis tonight. I need 2 hours.

Time for me to go back a galaxy far, far away. Imma see y'all at 8pm EST.

Ayo, a quick reminder to everybody: tha platinum relic challenge in Crash Bash is some BULL. SHIT.

Got Bitch-Ass back on my radar. Imma tone his ass up in Crash Bash in less than an hour. Y'all gon' see it live.

Aight. How many of y'all 'bout tha ? We lookin' at a new coin ready to rise for investment?

OMFG! Ain't been able to do Rage & Hip-Hop due to some dumbass hardware issues. But, we got dis. No more shitstorm.

Y'all already know it start at 8pm EST.

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