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Y'all know about the new Resident Evil movie? I ain't sponsored or nothin', but imma just pretend I am.

I survived Hell, so I don't feel like playing a game tonight.

Yo, y'all won't believe what dafuq I went through: I was taken to Hell and back. Spooky-ass niggas, freaks at night, man.

You know how it feels to survive 4 straight shocks in an electric chair?

Aight, I'm done wit villages, resort homes and other crazy shit. What can happen tonight.

So, get this: Phantom TV is working on getting set up on YouTube.

Aight, so dat castle had it's lease broken. Gon' have to move to tha house wit tha red chimney on it.

OK, I'll be honest with you this time: I'm too exhausted to do a 4th consecutive broadcast. The game had to commence without the viewership. But, we can report the final score: 'Mates win 10-6.

I heard some dude impersonatin' Pretty Ricky gon' creep up in Dracula's crib, but tha cops been searching for him.

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