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So if y'all wanna why there ain't been a Phantom TV show in almost a week: tha Koga Tag Title Tournament is a mess right now. Some of tha other shows hostin' it already went to Round 2. But we got-chall tomorrow wit tha end of Round 1.

Aye, y'all. we gon' have to move tha Saints Row stream to June. It's been complications tryin' to get it goin'. Plus, I don't know how much longer we can keep doin' these streams. But, be on tha lookout for a summer blog report on PeakD.

Rihanna is now tha CEO of Umbrella. She infectin' everybody wit tha D-Virus.

Ayo. I got stuck at some undisclosed location. Gon' need Anonymous to get dat secret getaway set up since they know they way 'round 3rd street.

Yo, I'm headin' to 3rd street. Imma let y'all know what it's like when I go live.

Imma go POSTAL real soon. I don't know what dat mean, but I guess I gotta ship a package.

Aight, so a police report went out sayin' Jin Kazama killed Zelda in her sleep last night, makin' Link watch before he was kidnapped by ewoks. Waldo was a witness that they never caught up wit.

I wanted to celebrate whuppin' tha Illuminati's ass on stream tonight, but why my durag gotta look AND smell like piss-shit?

But-chu know? I got some business to attend to tonight. After that, no sleep 'til Sunday.

So, y'all wanna fuck wit now, huh, Illuminati? Aight, dat's cool. We goin' to war, then. 'Bout to be some gansta-ass shit up in ya turf.

Shit is wild up in this bitch. A gang war broke out during the show, then deep Illuminati muthafuckaz wanna fuck wit me n' my crew. So much, they wanna challenge us to a basketball game? Then a football game? Then whatever dafuq they want in tha game if we get that far?

Aight, bitches. Y'all on.

'Bout dat time I start doin' recordings again. Been a while since I got some things out on demand.

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