like most people I've popped over from the bird site to see whats the crack.
I'm a , I so expect pics of my weird and wonderful creations such as this crocheted autopsied mouse (you can buy them, I make to order).
I post whats on my mind, 90% crap involving , , and random , the other 10% maybe witty or inspiring (but don't hold me to that).

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@cohanf thank you, it is definitely the most unusual piece I've been asked to make. More often its stuffed animals, or mini-me versions of famous people. I did ger asked to make a crochet Hogwarts Castle once, that was an impressive project

@HooksandDragons (re:Hogwarts)I bet-interesting to imagine who the client/recipient would have been...

@cohanf twas aa adult friend of mine whos whole family are Harry Potter obsessed.

@eldris thank you, it was the most unusual thing I've ever been asked to make 😂

This mouse is hilarious. My dearest friend is a pathologist. He'd love it. 😅

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