Hello people in my phone, how are you all?

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I recognise this, im the same. Adults need scheduled nap times

@Mamacrow honestly a bit pants atm, but you gotta keep keeping on I guess

@HooksandDragons ehh, sorry to hear that. Hope things look up a bit today x

@Mamacrow unfortunately it isn't a situation that's going to have a good outcome, mums deteriorated to a point where she has had to go into a hospice

@HooksandDragons All the better for another day of sunshine. And you?

@AlexW oh it was grey and horrible here yestersay, but the sun is out atm

@HooksandDragons Oh, that must have blown this way because, today, we're grey and horrible. That weird kind of in between doing anything kind of day ...

@HooksandDragons We were lucky, the threatened rain didn't come till after we went to bed.

Hopefully, it'll stay dry today too.

@HooksandDragons TIRED AF for no apparent reason and scrolling through for something stimulating so I don’t nap through this episode of DS( (that I napped through yesterday)

How are you today?

@Dananner very much the same actually, although its an episode of GoT im trying to get through 😁

@HooksandDragons I'm OK, another day at work, another day of nonsense.

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