Eye contact, dead animals 

Look at that butter wouldn't melt face on the wicked killer cat!!
Everyone said it couldn't possibly have been one of my cats that bought a live rat into the livingroom a few weeks ago because they are too small and rats are too fierce.......

I wish I could share smelevision to let you know just how gloriously this little bunch of sweet peas is scenting the room (and yes I do have a reindeer head with a top hat on my wall 😁)

Marine inspired cushion covers I bought when I was still laid up in ICU with covid 2 yrs ago. Taken me this long to buy cushions to go in them 😁

This is a Spoonwalker hat. My latest creation. Made for a lovely friend of mine, the creator of the graphic novels from which the Spoonwalker comes from. Im very excited as my payment is the full set of graphic novels plus some original artwork


Postie just bought this little package. First as pressy of the year bought and topped up my sweary pens 😁

This is how you do picnics steampunk style 😁 a jolly good time was had by all

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