Come back ,I can not remember which year I came to HK for the last time, it was a transport flight.

Most of time was waste in intenet,so i got a lower output a day. Totally I
Almost took 2hours to watch Vedio wandering and be lost in lots of topic items.
Focus top objectives,forget and stop any direction,only insist on and forward.

In viewpoint of Jun Zhang,a professor of Fudan ,China have a remarkable economic growth without a modern politic system ,in a low free and right protect environment,main cause is trade contributing,using limit and control economic special zone to participate trade globalisation.

Ireland and Irish,got some basic info from a listening news.
It is worthy to learn the country and it’s history.

The combination of Obisidian‘s markdown editor and a K380 BT keyboard combination is wonderful,fluid as a steam.

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June 4th,I almost say anything about it,even a number.
Zero policy ,it is clear number and stupid policy.

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.

William Shakespeare

Is the book ,Klara and the sun,concern on future of brain machine interface?


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