@sotolf You would lose that bet. The US military uses 24 hour time and that is not how it is, so why, if it were adopted by everyone elsl would it be the way you said? That makes no sense.

@stux That's all well and good except for when you get a bit of metal in there.

I've been watching Star Trek for most of my life and I have yet to see any stars doing much treking. I call bullshit on the name.

To everyone constantly posting about covid being a hoax and all that. Great, you believe that, good for you. But is that the only thing you can talk about.

I think there is such a thing as aliens, but I talk about other things.

Maybe I'm feeling nostalgic, maybe my "old man" is coming out, but I want to get into model trains. Grandparents had an old Lionel set that we would set up around the Christmas tree every year.

So, that said, if anyone out there is in the train scene, any good places you can suggest to buy stuff? Trains, tracks, track stuff, whatever.

Religious people are always bowing their head. Isn't "god/whatever equivalent" UP in heaven, and "satan/ whatever equivalent" DOWN?

Why do we take everything and make a humanoid form of it?

This has been done to a planet, that's how far people go.

Fun Fact: The only brush I've ever bought is a toilet brush.

How many people are using having to wear a mask as an opportunity to stick your tongue out at people when/after you talk to them?

Darth Maul shows up before the Jedi, finds the Skywalkers and kills them.

Back in school I went from being a Basic bitch to a C bitch.

Japanese master ofShotokankarate, Tatsuya Naka, provided his body and mastery of the art during the motion capture session for Tekken 7‘s latest DLC character Lidia Sobieska.

Just remember that the next time you're imagining her naked.

I love when people on Twitter tell you you should just move on if you don't like something they posted. You posted it on a public forum that is about the public posting to your stuff, moving on would negate that.

Thad old adage about what doesn't kill you makes you stronger? Total bullshit.

Fun fact about my "TV" watching that no one asked for or cares about: I watch Naked and Afraid not for the naked people or the survival skill, but for watching people who think they are badasses utterly fail and go home crying.

Just out of curiosity, anyone out there into numerology?

Question for the group: What linux distros or other OS' for that matter are you using? I've tried 2 that are supposedly "for gaming" but I don't raally like spending literally all day trying to get things to actually work.

I've been using a flip phone for several years now but have recently gotten back into smart phone territory. So what apps should I get now? Open to any suggestions.

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