Maybe I'm feeling nostalgic, maybe my "old man" is coming out, but I want to get into model trains. Grandparents had an old Lionel set that we would set up around the Christmas tree every year.

So, that said, if anyone out there is in the train scene, any good places you can suggest to buy stuff? Trains, tracks, track stuff, whatever.

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The GB Train Shop has been around longer than I have been alive, offering all manner of model railroad hobbyist do-dads. They're located at 1353 Velp Ave., Green Bay, Wisconsin and, I believe, they even have a Facebag page.

@ILuvMsMarvel buy a 3d printer, and print all that scenery for free, or nearly free

@netwebindustries Not really an options as I don't have a few thousand dollars to spend on an even decent printer.

@ILuvMsMarvel lol, more like 200. Even with the upgrades, that printer cost no more then 500. Your logic is cracking me up, model train building can cost thousands. But the one thing that can drastically cut the price cost to much.

@netwebindustries It's the logic of only having so much per month. Any hobby can cost thousands, over the long term, but it's the at the time prices that matter.
So I get a printer, then the upgrades, great, then how much a pop for spools of materials per time it takes to use a spool? If my logic is flawed then so is yours.

But let's not debate that. IF I can find a decent printer I'll look into it. I recently moved and have the space, thus the trains too. If you have any printer suggestions?

@ILuvMsMarvel you don't need those upgrades that are on my ender 3. Those are to make 9mm's. You just need a basic ender 3, 180 to 200 dollars, spool of pla 25 dollars, number of terrain pieces, tracks pieces, train cars that can be made with one spool in the 6mm range is in the hubdreds. I sell this crap on ebay to nerds playing d&d all day, both your logic and knowledge on the subject is flawed.

@netwebindustries You're right, it is flawed, and lacking. But I'm looking at printers now, and also wondering if it'll be better to get a resin printer and curer.

@ILuvMsMarvel now you're asking the right questions brother. Fdm printer to start, resin is a more complicated monster. More detail, but it can off vent gasses, and the resin breaks easily. Like when a train goes off the rails.
Go to to look at potential train scenery models and what nots. When you get the printer feel free to reach out for help.

@netwebindustries I decided to buy a resin printer and a curer, so I'll begin my venture into the world of 3D printing next month when everything get here.
So an honest "Thank You" to you for setting me on the path.

@netwebindustries Instead of extruding material you put liquid resin in a small vat in the printer and it mostly hardens the material and pulls it out of the vat, adding more as it goes. Then you fully cure it and wash it and end up with a nicely detailed object.

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