@Padres Just have both teams fight each other, including the mascots. Just an all out brawl of the field.

@aspie4K Sexist AF. That kind of thinking on the road is what causes accidents that get people hurt or killed.

One day they're going to pull that shit with a semi driver and they're going to run her Prius driving ass off the road because guess what, they don't give a fuck what your pronouns are, they go where they are going,

cartwheel video - a fun thing 

@lauraritchie Have you ever wondered how doing cartwheels became a thing we do? Like who decided to do one in the first place and convinced other people to do them as well. How'd that all happen?

@borrof Don't worry, I doubt the court martial will take long

@TitoTill Might want to check that it's valid, like, if it's actually Twitter asking for it or if it's something bad.

@TitoTill I thought phone verification was optional? Did they change it so you have to use it now?

@brand It's when someone with a heavy accent responds to "No way".

@fribbledom Blue is the color of the highest temperature, highest temperature equals highest amount of movement. Thus the most speed. So it's the fastest.

When our pets pee on the bed/couch/floor we punish the pet. When a human female does it, we make it a category on porn sites.


@oat It's always been here, it was just laying low for a bit.

Does the Maternity Ward at the hospital ever suffer from a labor shortage?

@PG_Chrys No one has ever been inspired by Vision, he's a shit character.

@Angle Well, you really shouldn't BUY kids. So I'd say adopt. If you can adopt a couple of siblings, all the better. Then Mom'll have 2 new dishwashers that will last her decades.

@Rob_T_Firefly Everyone knows that Doctor Who takes place in the Star Trek universe, not the Star Wars one.

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