@INTLRPW the name is Ji Changwook, may I get a shoutout? I am looking for people to be friend with me. Thank you.

@jichangwook hello, sunbaenim. You may drop a hi and I'll follow you?

@soyou hello Soyou for tardy response, it's a pleasure to see you around

@INTLRPW hello there! this is chengxiao! may i get a shoutout? im looking for more friends.

@INTLRPW hello this is ian speaking and im using sehun as my fc. My timeline is still empty so, anyone willing to fill my dead timeline?

@INTLRPW Hello this is Xiao Zhan. Looking to find more fellow English speaking friends.

@roje Of course rose. I need more people to spice up my timeline. How's your weekend going?

@zhan just so so, ge. Its kinda boring and Im not in a good mood. How about you?

@Juhnny Hello Johnny, how's your weekends so far? Nice to see you here

@zhan not so good. how about you? nice to meet u too!

@Juhnny Good I just wished more friends were here since its kind of quiet and empty my timeline

@INTLRPW greeting, this is kim minju speaking. 🤗❤️

may i get the shout out? because she is looking for her members and many of people who want to be her friends. 🍓
@Juhnny today i feel so great oppa, how about you? hehehe

btw, have you watched my special stage on music core, oppa?

@minjoo im glad to hear that. not so good but its okay. i havent watched it, do you have the link to watch it?

@Juhnny the link is on my toot oppa hehehe ^ ^ mind to share it with me? what exectly happened?

mind to shout out? thank you in advance!

hi, pleath take a look at my simple profile below.
☆ . i go by the name giselle, uchinaga aeri is my full name ㅡ and yes, i'm japanese!
☆ . i was born on october 30th, 2000!
☆ . i'm gna be the member of aespa as a main rapper!
this toot is dedicated to people who want to be friend with me, so ㅡ everyone, come forth! 🎀

@daniel henlo sunbaenim! ò w ó what a cute kitty you got there!!!

@withloveaeri Right, right? Cats are always so adorable. Do you love them?

@daniel who doesn't?? the way how they purr at us, so relaxing also adorable at the same time! c__c and, and their fluffy fur, softie paws, i can't understand why a perfect creature exist in this world.. in the other hand, i'm so grateful they exist though. 😣💟

@withloveaeri MOOD. You describe it with such accuracy! Aren't cats like angels sent from Heaven?

Anyeay, would you like to see my baby angel? :blobcataww:

hi everyone! :ablobcatangel: lemme introduce myself, my name is Roseanne Park u can call me Roje! Rose? same.. i hope we can be friends please? :ablobcathappypaws:

have a nice day all! :ablobcatheart:

@INTLRPW ello! 'tis nini is looking for mwooore friends who speak in eng and billingual! also her mates, where you at🥺

@ireme ow look who's talking here 🥺 hello, prettiest! <3 hope you had a great saturday ahead! ​:blobcatflower:

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