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Please use content warnings for politics 

(This isn't aimed at anyone in particular)

I know there are terrible things happening in the world, especially about human rights.

But, please can we still have the politics content warnings?

Please? 🙏

I get these things are really important, maybe most important.

But telling people the world is terrifying, and also there's nothing anyone can do about it, and then not CWing it... how does that help anyone? Surely it will just harm?

Eye contact 

We just got back from an epic road trip all across the American west. What a great time!

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@swaggboi I really want a "dumb" appliance store. My fridge should keep things cold, my toaster warm things up, my printer put ink on thin slices of dead tree, and my TV show whatever video stream I send it. None of these need to reach out over the network. Please sell me well made, well functioning, single use devices, that serve their purpose well.

@Finner I don't think it's a snob thing, some people can differentiate all sorts of complex flavors in a cup of coffee and some people are really into the ritual of the process. I love coffee but I'm not one of those people. That said, I also love Kaiju movies from the 1970s so I'm not really in a position to comment on anyone's taste in anything. ;-)

@Finner I used to have an aero press. But, the process was a little too complex for me to find enjoyable before I had any coffee. A pour over makes totally adequate (even good) coffee and it's uncomplicated enough for me to handle first thing in the morning.

For the record, I tried the inverted method but didn't find that much difference. But, don't take my opinion too seriously. I drank a lot of terrible coffee when I was young and my tastes are skewed because of that.

@glassnerves I've always wanted to try Haiku. But, maybe you want to go off the deep end and install Temple.

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Taking a break from this heat under a tree. Having a drink and watching nature just do its thing. #walking #date20220528

Somebody hit the trail in wedge heels. That's commitment to fashion!

Had a nice run out at Dragonfly this morning. Did just over 5k in the cool morning light.

Wow, I love this metal keyboard from Davolin! The ergonomics look terrible but it would be perfect for a retro look cyberdeck!

@48kRAM I've been thinking about doing this with an old MSX machine and an rpi. It's been really inspiring seeing your build!

@heurism I just picked up a random "portfolio manager". I'm sure they can get me in on the ground floor for new crypto and NFTs. 🙄

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I love everyone here, but one really important way that Masto avoids being a doomscrolling hellscape of people shouting like The Other Place is that we all CW our political posts.

Let's please keep doing that. Allowing yourself and people time to disengage and recharge doesn't betray your activism, it stops it turning into despair.

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This weird bot / instance seems to go around following everyone but upon checking the instance is empty and the admin is following some known banned people fedi wide mostly.

I recommend blocking this domain:


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