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Hi! just setting this up and trying a few clients.

Just a boring old guy with varied interests-

This week's issue of The Prepared newsletter (which is about making stuff, not doomsday preppers) has a clip of one of my high power rockets yeeting itself over the industrialized farmlands outside of Fresno as well as a lovely video from last year's Hot Nozzle Society launch in Mojave.

Also, a plug for The Prepared. If you are doing any sort of small to medium scale manufacturing, these are your people.

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"...about 25 percent of aliens never became citizens or made only a declaration to become a citizen. Many people filed only a declaration of intent, because, according to the Wisconsin constitution, it was all they needed in order to vote." (1)

Might explain my great-grandfather's missing 2nd papers (but I'll keep looking).


Well, my optimism paid out - the storms moved off & the clouds cleared.

I managed to get a series of cell phone shots of the
(And yes, I've seen the meme about taking pics with a $1200 device- mine doesn't cost nearly that much) 😀

Had to push ISO during totality & no tripod, so some shaking is evident, but I think these came out pretty good, considering.

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Thunder & raining here in Orlando now. Not looking very promising for the lunar eclipse viewing tonight... Gonna remain optimistic, though.

Serendipitous collision of and interests!

Happened upon this picture in a historical book about Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

My grandfather, a painter & wallpaperer, once worked on Seymour Cray's home in Chippewa Falls.

Poking around the microfilm records for the Notre Dame church in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin today. I located baptism records for my paternal grandfather and his three sisters.

Interesting to see the church went back later to add notes about marriages. Wasn't aware that was a thing.

Today, I want to post a bit about . It's bit beyond pretty space picture, but a lot more useful as a scientific endeavor!

When the light of a star is decomposed into its using something called a grating, it's like seeing the rainbow after the rain. The star in that case is the sun, the rain droplets are the object decomposing its light, and the rainbow its the spectrum of the sun! is offering free access for Mother's Day. (From the website- Free access ends 9 May 2022 @ 11:59p.m. MT)

I just found a clipping with my mother & uncle announcing their high school honor students.

The 1st Thursday of May (today) is encouraging secure password practices.

I highly recommend PasswordSafe

It offers clients for many platforms. I keep my master copy of the encrypted database on my phone, and sync copies to laptop & tablet. Regular backups go to local NAS, cloud and a USB drive kept in the safe.

There are many tools to choose from, but the key is to find a vault that works for you. AND USE IT!

Favorite #Android #Mastodon client?

Please #boost and respond with your thoughts 😁

Just discovered the setting to resize text. Thanks @apps these old eyes greatly appreciate this option.

The photo in the toot I'm replying to is my best shot of the Starlink 4-14 launch. I took it with my Pixel 4 XL phone at the Saturn V Center of the Kennedy Space Center.

I like this crop of the same photo because it makes the rocket stand out, and it nicely frames the iconic VAB building and some birds.

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Hey @apps
Loving the app! It quickly became my daily driver after testing several others. The translation button is a great feature.

What is the home icon column in the notifications tab? I'm certain this will be face palm obvious once you say. Is there documentation somewhere?

A few years ago, my daughter got me this waffle iron. I break it out on occasion

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