Well, my optimism paid out - the storms moved off & the clouds cleared.

I managed to get a series of cell phone shots of the
(And yes, I've seen the meme about taking pics with a $1200 device- mine doesn't cost nearly that much) 😀

Had to push ISO during totality & no tripod, so some shaking is evident, but I think these came out pretty good, considering.

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Thunder & raining here in Orlando now. Not looking very promising for the lunar eclipse viewing tonight... Gonna remain optimistic, though.

Serendipitous collision of and interests!

Happened upon this picture in a historical book about Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

My grandfather, a painter & wallpaperer, once worked on Seymour Cray's home in Chippewa Falls.

Poking around the microfilm records for the Notre Dame church in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin today. I located baptism records for my paternal grandfather and his three sisters.

Interesting to see the church went back later to add notes about marriages. Wasn't aware that was a thing.

Just discovered the setting to resize text. Thanks @apps these old eyes greatly appreciate this option.

Hey @apps
Loving the app! It quickly became my daily driver after testing several others. The translation button is a great feature.

What is the home icon column in the notifications tab? I'm certain this will be face palm obvious once you say. Is there documentation somewhere?

A few years ago, my daughter got me this waffle iron. I break it out on occasion


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