Raise your hand if the hi-res pics have you searching for local large format printing shops.

I want that on my wall!

Came across the death certificate for great-grandfather Anders B. Erickson. It lists his parents names- Erick Thompson and Berit Thompson from Norway.

To paraphrase Steve Martin in the Hulu original Only Murders in the Building... "This sends the investigation in a whole new direction!"

This week's issue of The Prepared newsletter (which is about making stuff, not doomsday preppers) has a clip of one of my high power rockets yeeting itself over the industrialized farmlands outside of Fresno as well as a lovely video from last year's Hot Nozzle Society launch in Mojave.

Also, a plug for The Prepared. If you are doing any sort of small to medium scale manufacturing, these are your people.


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Also see David Letterman's interview with Lewis Hamilton on "My Next Guest..."

"...about 25 percent of aliens never became citizens or made only a declaration to become a citizen. Many people filed only a declaration of intent, because, according to the Wisconsin constitution, it was all they needed in order to vote." (1)

Might explain my great-grandfather's missing 2nd papers (but I'll keep looking).

(1) uwm.edu/libraries/archives/gen

Well, my optimism paid out - the storms moved off & the clouds cleared.

I managed to get a series of cell phone shots of the
(And yes, I've seen the meme about taking pics with a $1200 device- mine doesn't cost nearly that much) 😀

Had to push ISO during totality & no tripod, so some shaking is evident, but I think these came out pretty good, considering.

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Fedilabs @apps Android client translation is pretty good for me. Not automatic, but just a click away...


Thunder & raining here in Orlando now. Not looking very promising for the lunar eclipse viewing tonight... Gonna remain optimistic, though.


Hybrids are a bit more complicated (one reason why I like'm), but not difficult. A big issue (especially in Florida summer) is maintaining cool bottle temp. Otherwise the density causes poor/degraded performance.

Timing ignition isn't an issue as long as you can see the venting (look left/above the gold band in my pic)

Clusters *require* high current - best with a relay/battery at the pad. Clip whip = friend

{Waves} NAR & TRA L2 cert but local clubs have temporarily lost flying fields so I haven't been out since ~2019...

Fly everything from MMX to HPR Hybrids. Here's my 4" BSD THOR going on a SkyRipper J hybrid.

Serendipitous collision of and interests!

Happened upon this picture in a historical book about Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

My grandfather, a painter & wallpaperer, once worked on Seymour Cray's home in Chippewa Falls.

Robert Wuhl had a great series on HBO called 'Assume the Position' where one episode he dove into the history of this.

Essentially told this story- urbandictionary.com/define.php

(Assume the Position was a great show & I wish he'd bring it back)

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