@Maristya Not strictly Africa, but in line with your broader objectives, @restofworld

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Question, please boost: I am looking for accounts to follow which focus on African affairs from an African perspective, whether personal accounts by journalist, activists etc., or news portals, independent news outlets as well as sciency ones, political science ones, think tanks etc.

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Posting climate science denial on social media is a crime against humanity.

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Another thing I really appreciate with @bonfire is that when you hit 'block' on a user it shows you the two aspects of what that means


'silence' (I don't want to see this user's posts)

'ghost' (I don't want this user to see my posts)

By default when you hit block they're both ticked with a confirmation button. However, you can choose to untick one when you've fully understood the consequences.

This is good, as I think sometimes we block people who we actually just want to silence

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RT @elong8edmusket
@gnoble79 $BTC is a more unjust system than the current one because the gini coefficient for Bitcoin is an astonishing 0.88, higher than North Fkn Korea. Both large and small players can easily evade taxes.
Over 50%+ of transactions are flagged as criminal activity.

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I was really depressed for the last two days because I left my ring on the lawn and the crows stole it BC shiny. It's irreplaceable and Akkas gave it to me two years ago so I was devastated. I dredged the pond and used a metal detector all over the lawn but it was gone. But today I cooked the crows bacon in the morning and this afternoon it was returned RIGHT WHERE I LEFT THE BACON!!!!!

Has someone made a DALL-E game yet where you guess the prompt?

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Apparently the Republican House Committee tweeted "All. Old. News.," something I did not know until I read this article in The Atlantic because I don't look at that site. I know a lot of people who follow me here don't look at it either.

I had the opposite reaction. I was surprised that there was still so much footage that the public hadn't been shown yet, and so much that was so terrible. Officer Edwards' testimony was moving and upsetting.

Remember what the insurrectionists did. It doesn't matter how you feel about police in general. This wasn't about policing or redirecting police funding to social services. This was a mob that attacked humans to breach our Capitol, while chanting U-S-A like they were at a sporting event. To get there, they tear gassed, knocked unconscious, and beat Capitol Police officers bloody. They killed an officer who died after having two strokes on the scene, and four others who died by suicide in the days following the riot.


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> It is not that social media does evil things. It is that social media is evil.

What we call #SocialMedia are evil. These attention-harvesting #advertisement platforms have little to do with social as normal people would understand it. You might say they are "social consumption media" i.e. platforms that are *dependent* on the need for people to engage in social relationships. Similar to how a combustion engine consumes fossil fuels. They deplete the supply of social.


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I'm currently researching feminist hacker groups around the world for an episode for the podcast of the german hacker group @haecksenC. First research has proven a little difficult, so maybe you people on mastodon could help me out: Do you know feminist hacker groups in non german speaking countries? Do you know someone who does? please boost! :boost_ok:

@info_activism This sentence should note that the journal has placed a statement of concern on the study “(A subsequent study suggests that if taken soon after diagnosis, ivermectin can help prevent serious illness.)” It’s a meta-analysis and there are concerns about data used in the included studies.

The article is providing an example of the problems it tries to address.

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@molly0xfff Yeah, this whole thing sounds very “Jennifer Government.” Also, though, as an independent scholar and civic technologist, I love this idea. Maybe select Employer of the Week from favorite works of fiction.

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My final analysis of the translated scientific articles in the DOI (CrossRef) database. wiki.translatescience.org/wiki

(Except if you have questions.)

CrossRef currently knows 4142 translations & 2152 works that have a translation. Only info starting 2008. Many publishers will have a back catalogue of translations.

Many translations do not have a DOI, the database points to a URL. Only in 16% of cases with DOI do we have information on the language of both the original and the translation.

@DismalManorGang interesting! Was not aware of second line outside of New Orleans.

Prepare to Teach Open Science Through the Lens of the UNESCO Recommendation. force11.org/fsci/2022/
Jennifer Miller, @tamiel, @geoffcain @tamiel@pixelfed.social

Prepare for a special topics course that teaches open science through the lens of the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science!

Audience: Researchers, librarians, faculty/scholars, administrators, doctoral students, job-market candidates and postdocs with an interest in teaching open science.

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Would you consider buying a computer (for a good price-to-performance ratio) that got refurbished by a hobbyist, therefore with no warranty?

RT for greater representation much appreciated. 😉

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RT @emollick
Academics: the things that make an academic paper tweetable also make it more readable for the public & press:
📊Well-labeled graphics/charts of main findings (not just tables & **)
⚖Clear effect sizes/why does the finding matter?
📄Good abstract with few acronyms
🔓Open access!

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