@dsteve This one's probably already been recommended, but I'm a fan of TILVids! To be real the content is not as that on youtube... but I really like the spirit behind it and the direction it's headed tilvids.com/videos/local

@barrett I understand the sentiment, but real talk if you don't want location tracking the only true solution is to not have a cell phone. Privacy is dead, it's just a matter of who you trust with your privacy.

someone at work just said smtp stands for "send mail to people" im dead

/ recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @briar - Secure Tor-based p2p messaging app, works locally even if internet shut down

🌟 @dagseii - Digital artist doing dramatic portraits

🌟 @freedomboxfndn - Free open source software to make your own personal home server

🌟 @privacyint@media.privacyinternational.org - Official PeerTube instance for privacy pressure group @privacyint@mastodon.xyz

🌟 @9to5linux - News site about Linux and FOSS

🌟 @godotengine - FOSS 3D & 2D game engine

🌟 @rpginabox - RPG creation tool

@johnnmiko oh hell yeah my very first in real life friend on mastodon! Welcome to the party dude!!! I think this message is public though, not private?

@Viet_Hessian The only way we'll turn the tables is by making the fediverse a better and safe place. Currently trying to figure out how I could help best.


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