"if you reply to something i retweeted and insist on including me in the reply please do not fucking embarass me" ok how about you don't retweet mince into my timeline

No, they're angry he called for arms supplies to be cut off before Russia has withdrawn.

Peace is Russian withdrawal.

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UK media campaign against trans people 

What happened vs what the Telegraph reported.

wonder if Corbyn would've opposed the flood of arms into western France in july 1944 too

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#OtD 3 Aug 1929 19-year-old communist Yetta Stromberg was arrested with six others for having a red flag in California, one of 24 states which banned socialist/anarchist flags. She took her case to the Supreme Court and won, overturning the ban.

@startrek most of the way through seasons 5 and 6 and still no zero digit in any stardate I've heard, but impressed that Lt Riker can be stranded alone for eight years and have identical hair and beard to Cmdr Riker

Star Trek: The Next Generation episode which is Picard intoning "Captain's log, star date…" and then 45 minutes of Patrick Stewart reciting random digits

Watching the classic @startrek episode "Darmok" on my lunch break, where the Enterprise encounter a civilisation who communicate only in inpenetrable memes. Enterprise crew discuss how frustrating this is, then instruct a shuttle pilot to do "evasive manouever sequence delta"… an inpenetrable meme known only to Starfleet crew…

bad news from Australia: the sun's exploded. we have only hours to live :/

its ok when i steal tweets but if anyone steals my tweet they are going to hell

utterly ENTRANCED by the European Tram Driver Championships happening in Leipzig today

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