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no-one's talking about the real star of Dr Who, which is the ex-Gatwick Express rolling stock used as a set in the first Jodie Whittaker episode

@mathcampbell oh hey! the second elected member to join Mastodon (that I know of) alongside @tonygurney. Welcome!


So this week we've had:
- very good results for progressive candidates in local authority elections
- in Scotland, at least one openly trans candidate elected, vs zero transphobic Abla candidates
- possibility of Keith Starmer getting ousted for lying about and replaced with a better leader

Pretty good. Pretty, pretty good.

I don't get it. Moving through a frictionless vacuum is the physics textbook trope of how to simplify a calculation. Collecting tracking data on the user…? A much harder task.

wait a minute… it's Saturday. I do _not_ need to get up and go to work!

have installed Manjaro alongside Windows

if only I could also successfully install a bootloader, because I can't get the machine to launch either

me: ok computer, restart and boot to USB so I can install Linux please
computer: [boots to Windows instead]
me: that's not what I said. Restart again.
windows: no, you cannot press Win-X or Alt-F4 or Ctrl-Alt-Del, you must click the power icon
me: r e s t a r t n o w
windows: If you restart now, you and any other people using this PC could lose unsaved work. Restart anyway?

Absolutely entranced with the Chandwell videos on YouTube. This chap is building a tiny intricate masterpiece from cereal box card, an inkjet printer, and a very sharp scalpel.

(yes it's technically a model railway but the trains are practically incidental to the project)

wondering if I could mute all toots containing a single word which ends in "-dle"

scotpol, transphobia 

Gutted that Mhairi is no longer an elected politician - she was one of the best councillors in the country - but what a way to go!

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