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stux - ⚠️ Please stop asking for follows and just list your account in the user directory! (See screenshot) Go to account settings and check the box:​

When you do ask for a follow please post unlisted so that people on the local & global timelines are not bothered by this! You can do that by clicking/tapping on the "Globe" icon and change to "unlisted" 🎉 Thank you!

@RPWBASE boleh minta followback sama retweetnyaa? Aku mau cari temen especially RP BLACKPINK ayo mendekat! 🥺❤

Sayangnya gak bisa ganti uname. Pengen ganti based on Jennie nambah / ganti sehuruf. Tapi Jendeuk juga udah mantap tapi pengen based on Jennie.

Kenapa yaa usernamenya ada yang gak ada belakangnya itu ada yang ada? ajarin biar ada verifiednya

It'll be great if Mastodon have an app. I think I could play it all day.


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