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Even forcing Apple to allow third-party payment systems would be a half-measure. The only real solution is to allow sideloading. Payments aren't the only problem with the app store, it's just the most noticeable one.

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Apparently the Facebook mobile app (not that I'd use such a thing) can obtain your location regardless of preferences by correlating the phone accelerometer motion with other users - such as someone in the same car.

This is the level of dystopia we are at.

Awesome, awesome, awesome. FINALLY a Mobile Data button on a Samsung device. I ain't seen one on Samsung's software since android 5.1..

Purely conjecture here but think about this as I have; why would Samsung remove the Mobile Data button from the notification panel? I think it's because it deters users from turning on and off their data, so if you are always connected to the internet via data/WIFI you can always be "on the radar" sort of speak.

"Always connected."

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If the phone guru happens to see this or anyone who repairs iphones sees this or for that matter someone gets a battery replacement for their new iphone here's a helpful fact for you. DO NOT TRUST the battery section on your iphone, 🍏 is a master of lying to customers to get what they want. Use a software program called 3uTools (for windows) and it'll tell you the TRUE capacity of your battery, new or old does not matter.

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There is a litany of cybercrime going on in today's world, a litany, and most of it comes from entities no one even thinks of.

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Wanna use YouTube and not use it at the same time? 😂 😄

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Our growth continues, also in 2021. Please welcome with us Brandon and Thomas! 😀🥳👇

To think that all of what the viewer sees is CGI. Minus the people and possibly buildings.

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I can think of a lot of specious things; movies, tv, sports, smart devices, fast food... these things are all good or right in their own ways but do we REALLY need them? Not really.

I could see a financial institution asking for your phone number since it has to do with your finances BUT when each and every service you come across slowly starts asking for your phone number I think it's fair to say it's deliberate and a much deeper reason behind it and it's NOT for "YOUR security".

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😂 I think companies like Google and the rest of Big Tech do want your phone number and it is most definitely a part of their agenda.

First they asked for your email, alright. Now, your phone number. What's next?

This is about mass data harvesting, learning about each person and coercing each person into handing over their data, whether by force (requiring a phone number) or trickery such as reverse psychology (for "YOUR security").

In the provided picture, the prompt does not actually say "No". It says "Ask App not to Track" or "Allow".

To me, this looks to be a mere loophole; you can ASK the app not to track you... That doesn't mean they WON'T track you whereas the "Allow" option is your literal consent.

Shady move by a trillion dollar empire... AGAIN.

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