Throw back to an old map i was making for installation 01. Glasstrap. Freaken loved the idea of this map. Sandtrap was blasted from space, turning all the sand into glass and stripping the sandy shell from the structures. Probably not what it would actually look like but hey, its a game and it looks cool.

Finland's M39 Sniper Scope, modeled in about 30 minutes for practice and because its just really cool looking.

Imagine getting neuralink installed for free and all it costs is subjecting yourself to mental advertisments and product placements in your dreams lol then you can pay for options like extended memory for just 50 dollars a month but you can't access the memories if you forget to pay.

In 1930 the Indiana Bell building was rotated 90°. Over a month, the structure was moved 15 inch/hr, all while 600 employees still worked there. There was no interruption to gas, heat, electricity, water, sewage, or the telephone service they provided.

If it really is going to be a ground breaking platform, it's going to take years for developers to learn what works and doest work, and that's after they finally find out what it really even is supposed to be and to create the necessary technical innovations to make it widely popular like cheap lightweight high quality ar/vr glasses. I give it 5 years , if ever, before we're even close to whatever people think it's going to actually be. I'm thinking trendy money grab like NFT

Has anyone seen any captivating arguments for meta verse that isn't someone just saying it's going to be sooo cool? I'm still incredibly iffy on the whole thing and I feel like it's going to be an online shopping mall with gimmicky interactives.

im to old to just realize i can freeze leftover pizza slices for later in the week

Found out there is a cool vertex paint feature in that lets you create edge wear. It requires supporting edge loops but I use those anyways.

About a first person shooter game called .kkrieger which is under 96KB & made entirely using procedural generation which creates everything from scratch and expands up to 300MB in your memory after execution.

Original tweet :

Found out you can kinda do edge wear in with the dirty paint feature. It needs supporting edge loops on corners but I already do that.

And a few colored renders. Materials are just blockouts right now. Wish Blender had more procedural texturing abilities ): An edge wear node would be great.

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