@fleeky how did you do the spacing between buildings where the streets are? Did you generate the layout with geo nodes?

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@JohnCheathem cheated : used a generated 2d city layout , then traced it with grease pencil , then got the building layouts from that , slight solidy to everything and then used geo nodes scale instances on a collection with all the buildings having individual origins

@fleeky ah gotchya, would have done the same. Was going to blow my mind if you did the layout in geo nodes lol. So far i like geo nodes but i wish it was even more like the Houdini software.

@JohnCheathem apparently grease pencil trace is coming to geo nodes which is neat but yeah i would also like to figure out how to actually do the generation part in blender :)

@fleeky oh that sounds neat. Excited to see it evolve. And same, very curious how someone would do that

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