Hello everyone,

Currently working on my PhD looking at , , etc.

I am from Oregon, USA but I have been living in Paris for a while now.

I remember I used to have other hobbies before Covid, but now it is limited to bikes, studying Vietnamese, my cat.

I am new to Mastodon and trying to see it's potential as an alternative to other sites. Have any tips to share?

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@JosephBeaudreau Hello Joseph, I'm new here too. Compared to the birdsite, you have to be more proactive on Mastodon to find people.

On the other hand, you don't get large numbers of corporate or troll users following you. So far it seems very quiet, so all I can suggest is follow anyone who you think you could be interested in - it's easy to unfollow (or indeed block) anyone you subsequently are not interested in.

@JosephBeaudreau I saw you're studying Vietnamese, "emerican johnson" is in Vietnam with his Vietnamese partner. He's had trouble engaging in Mastodon, note his politics are socialist/communist, but if you are interested in engaging with native speakers, that might be a route for you? Let me know if you want?

@DaveJ13 Yeah thanks for the tip Dave. I know of EJ and I enjoy Luna's videos quite a bit. I didn't know he was here.

@JosephBeaudreau He's not been active, a problem here, but I assume you can see who I follow (not sure if I have my permissions open), so try - don't think Luna is on her though.

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