Advice needed on Facebook alternatives for the Fedi 

@FediFollows What is FB anymore? Is it that people can write longer posts? Is it that they can share pictures? Communicate/stay in touch with friends and family? Forums? And all this in one feed? To me this is the potential of the Fedi. The main downside about the Fedi is finding people you know or want to follow. The real monopoly of FB and Twitter is silo'd user numbers. People don't want to lose contact.

"Those who spend their time in the library of the unreal have an abundance of something that is scarce in college classrooms: information agency. One of the powers they feel elites have tried to withhold from them is the ability to define what constitutes knowledge. They don’t simply distrust what the experts say; they distrust the social systems that create expertise. They take pleasure in claiming expertise for themselves, on their own terms."

"Facebook and Google have, over the past three years, been sprinkling grants on journalism organisations and newsrooms at the rate of $100m a year each, making them the largest philanthropists and supporters of journalism on the planet. The money is not a deep commitment to producing equity and integrity in news; it is a lobbying exercise, a hedge against external regulation."

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"The untidy withdrawal from Australian news highlights how vulnerable entire countries can be to dependency on unreliable and unregulated distribution networks. It is also a reminder that at heart, neither or are primarily motivated by supporting at all costs, or by providing transparency and accountability."

I did not realize that Epoch Times has versions in Farsi and Vietnamese but this now explains why my Iranian and Vietnamese friends are noticing weird stuff in their social media.

Frédérique Vidal, minister of higher education said 'Islamo-leftism is corrupting society at large.' So she's calling for a study to distinguish work based on 'academic research' vs work based on 'activism and opinion.' Hmm

I watched this long talk by the International Fact-Checking Network about deplatforming. It was an interesting conversation but I am a bit concerned about what boundaries Fact-Checkers have. It was a bit upsetting to hear the reaction about encryption being a problem.

Hello everyone! I'm Dana - im new to mastodon and wanted to introduce myself 😊 I am a 22 year old lesbian microbiologist living on unceded Gadigal Land. When I'm not in the lab playing with microbes I like to cross stitch, do nail art, care for my ever expanding indoor plant collection and look at other people's pet rats on the internet 🐭 #introduction

In the United States, at least, commentators (thinking of Vox and 538) pretend that the term has no meaning. But it does and it exists.

Here in Rich Media, Poor Democracy, Robert McChesney describes it quite easily in one paragraph.

@DaveJ13 This is acknowledged by some of the people being interviewed. It is certainly wouldn't have been.

“Let’s face it. Now the whole world knows where the vulnerabilities of the Capitol are,” said one officer. “I don’t trust the people above me to make decisions to bring me home safe.”

@DaveJ13 Yeah thanks for the tip Dave. I know of EJ and I enjoy Luna's videos quite a bit. I didn't know he was here.

Interesting. Le Monde has made a graphic book about their investigation into patient zero in . I never read their original reporting but this looks interesting.

@dcid Thanks for the boost. Very kind. Any recommendations for a iOS app?

@kensanata Please add me to Academia, Education, Expat in Europe, Journalism, Politics, US Politics.

Hello everyone,

Currently working on my PhD looking at , , etc.

I am from Oregon, USA but I have been living in Paris for a while now.

I remember I used to have other hobbies before Covid, but now it is limited to bikes, studying Vietnamese, my cat.

I am new to Mastodon and trying to see it's potential as an alternative to other sites. Have any tips to share?


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