I want to use , but without fully integrated user profiles, it just doesn’t work for me. It’s sad to see it languish.

@Joshholden what do you mean by “fully integrated user profiles”?

@ilyess I’ve tried the creating profile with about:profile setting, but seems like an unfinished feature.

@yoasif I did. It seams like an unfinished feature though. Do you use it?

@Joshholden Yes, I use it, works fine for my purposes. What seems unfinished about it?

@yoasif It looked like there was no user switching from the menu and that you’d have go back to that settings page to restart a user. Right? And didn’t look like there was user-individual themes…?

@Joshholden Yes, those are real limitations of that approach. github.com/null-dev/firefox-pr exists, which I don't have a lot of experience with (since the built in functionality works for me) - it may add some niceties that you may like.

Theming wise, nothing stops you from installing whatever theme you want - support.mozilla.org/kb/use-the

@Joshholden I think Firefox is almost dead. These are the dying gasps. Good thing they get that Gucci Google money
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