Want to hear something pathetic?

19-year-old me thought that buying a Palm III would get me laid 😢

Young me literally pulled this thing out at clubs because he thought hot chicks would get hot and bothered.

I also remember pulling out the custom keyboard, connecting the Palm III to the dock, then completely believing I was the coolest dude on campus.

Haha, PowerBook and ThinkPad users! You're no match for this Chad!

Finally realized I was delusional when this goth chick, who I'd been eyeing for the entire semester, told me to put the Game Boy away.

I was heartbroken. I was not holding a toy but a Palm—a serious business device!

Fast forward 8 years later. I'm at this girl's house. It's late, and we had finished a marathon anime session. I contemplate going home, but out of the corner of my eye, I see this on her desk. So I decided to stay over 😆

Anyway, buying a PDA never got me laid. I guess it works for some people, though—mainly my wife 🏅

@atomicpoet That’s so so cute. My hubs and I met at in 2010. Bonded over tech and together ever since. ❤️

@Joshholden @atomicpoet we downloaded Crackberry tones and alert sounds, then played them on our phones at full volume at the mall food court and watched people losing their shot trying to get to their Crackberries 🤣😂

@Dreamer9177 @Joshholden @atomicpoet Miss the Crackberry community from back in the day! Wonder when the new site will be up.

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