Are there many instances of servers that are geographical areas, like towns, instead of interests? I’m looking for inspiration, but also curious to know the dynamics of user-groups by location, with potentially very different social views/opinions/etc.

Mastodon feature idea: A app with integrated reader, so when clicking through to great personal sites, you can easily subscribe.

This needs to be here. — A metal piece we saw while on an trip last year in Fish Creek, Wisconsin. :mastodon:

I would rather gain features than having to keep signing up for new sites like , etc. Anyone else?

Definitely needs to copy bird site’s lists or communities feature… something to help with following groups that span servers.

The tone is dismissive, but some points could be valid feature improvements: Sorry, Elon haters: Mastodon still can’t replace Twitter (Fast Company)

I’m fighting the strong urge to buy another domain for a / # pleroma instance. Don’t tell my husband.

Wow, I’ve learned so much from you people just in the past couple days. I’ve always loved open source initiatives, but all the + projects are 🤯

I want self-hosted everything. But that’s my heart writing a check my brain can’t cash. 🥺

Houston, there’s a problem. How does everyone deal with iOS chopping up handles and thinking they’re an email addy? Grrr

Anyone else have a problem getting used to “toots” because as a kid, toots=poots=farts?

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