@atomicpoet That’s so so cute. My hubs and I met at in 2010. Bonded over tech and together ever since. ❤️

There are two wolves inside me:

“I should get a dumbphone so I can be more present.”


“I should get a larger phone so I can more easily read all 200+ chapters of Kaguya-Sama: Love is War that just dropped on the Viz app instead of paying any attention to the real world.”

Are there many instances of servers that are geographical areas, like towns, instead of interests? I’m looking for inspiration, but also curious to know the dynamics of user-groups by location, with potentially very different social views/opinions/etc.

I was randomly curious about the history of the @ symbol. Well, now I know… en.wikipedia.org/wiki/At_sign

Looking back at my music collection… top played artists are:

1. The Postal Service
2. Sia
3. The Killers
4. Jem
5. Dashboard Confessional.

That definitely ages me from when I listened to the most music. 😁

@bnys I just scheduled a cleaning for our tinker bell for next week. Hope it goes well.

@madargon Nope, it was just a little storage bin, but she’s made it her own.

@mastohost @autumn Have you heard of anyone wanting to start up a Carolina-oriented server?

@yoasif It looked like there was no user switching from the menu and that you’d have go back to that settings page to restart a user. Right? And didn’t look like there was user-individual themes…?

@yoasif I did. It seams like an unfinished feature though. Do you use it?

@ilyess I’ve tried the creating profile with about:profile setting, but seems like an unfinished feature.

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