Don't forget your image alt text. Even I, a sighted person, enjoys them. And you can hide little fun messages about why you like the image. There's an "add caption" on many apps to use 😉

It's (Follow Friday), so I'm guessing the best way to go about that is to look at the tag and find common interests. Is there another method people use for this?

Some fun options here! Going to a user's profile and clicking the three dots gives you some options; if the person is boosting a lot and you're finding it distracting, you can disable boosts from just that user.

"Feature on profile' will add those accounts to a list on your profile page, if you open you'll see them on the right.

Adding to a list (it only works with people you follow) will show that person's toots in the list for toots they make *after* being added :)

With reports that 56 MPs are facing allegations of sexual misconduct, Rachel Morris analyses how a Bullingdon Club mentality has seeped into the corridors of power


Hey, it's #FollowFriday, isn't it?
A few of my musician/dj/producer friends have joined fedi in the past few days, so if you are into this kind of stuff, I think they'd appreciate a welcome and a follow:

Today, noyb filed a new complaint against C-Planet in an ongoing case regarding a massive political data breach. We finally want to find out, where the personal data of almost every Maltese voter came from!

Hi! ☺️ I’m idspi, an English pencil artist into video games, sci-fi & fantasy!

I draw in 5B pencil & also dabble in biro, crayon & more.


It's #FollowFriday and if you like stone, follow me. Better yet, give me a hand. All of that is to go through there. What, you forgot your barrow?

Follow any account with 'helm' in its handle as they're all good. All from Wulferhampton. Except our dear leader who is @BlatentLie then there's @Marriedaviking @BankofMercia @n_ootpinguwalda @BaronessFumingSouffle and many others. Later I've work to do.

For newer people complaining about this or that not working/being too slow:

The admin pays for the privilege of hosting your account, for the server, for the bandwidth, in addition to donating their time to run it. There is no giant corporation behind the scenes making a profit off of your activity here.

Additionally there has been a mass sign-up event that no one expected or prepared for.

Perhaps have a little patience & grace and/or throw some funds in @stux direction to help manage it all.

And it still isn't letting me follow you! Buggers...

UK citizens: check with your local council about photo voter cards...

Oh wow, the European Union 🇪🇺 now has its own official Mastodon instance!

You can follow lots of important EU officials on here including the @EU_Commission

If you created your account a long time ago, you may be seeing Mastodon's advanced web interface (multiple columns). That interface has not been the default for years now. You can control which one you see from Preferences.

5 minutes there, and I just wanted to do RPG type stuff to the trolls and ogres in the High Palace...

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