1. this is NOT autobase or base with menfess thingy. (yes, I don't want to spam your timeline)
2. as you can see, this is BASE FOR ROLEPLAYER. i don't follows private account.
3. this account will provide any information about MASTODON and other.
4. boost this toot to get a followback.

i'll boosting your toot if you need more FRIENDS.

— tag @RP with hashtag for gen!rp
— tag @RP with hashtag for ocrp

@xuanyi berdoa ajaa kak semoga beneran, kangen banget liat twitter rame lagi :cwy:

@dahyunkim belum sih.. rencana mau stay disini aja, males pindah-pindahnya..

@xuanyi berarti semisal bulan berikutnya ga bayar lagi berarti ga bisa lanjut main disana dong kak? u __ u

@woosoek hello, oppa! my day is pretty good, i guess? :coolcat: how about youu?

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