I listen to several fiction podcasts, but the Dust podcast consistently impresses. This latest "special", "Hard Choices", was really something. At least, it hit all the emotional hot points that seem to work on me. If you like sci-fi stories, Dust is a pretty great podcast worth listening to.

So, when Cthulhu is shilling shitty energy drinks, should we assume it's just the end times or that things are so bad, even in the deepest recesses of space, not even the Old Ones can muster enough fucks to care anymore?

Actually, when I put it like that, they aren't much different than humans really.

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There are plenty of kids shows and video games that are horrible nightmarish creations if you really analyze them... Pokemon, Curious George, Cars, whathaveyou, but I think Bomberman is one of the most disturbing. Imagine being trapped in an endless cycle of death where you're constantly forced to kill your friends before they kill you for someone's entertainment. Worse, that seems to be the only reason this culture of TV-headed freaks exists.
"Mommy what's my purpose?"
"Why to die of course!"

Ennio Morricone died. it's amazing how many of my personal icons have pass during this awful period of human existence, but Morricone (and Nino Rota, who my memory has merged with him) fueled a lot of my cinematic explorations growing up in the 80s. His music has become an inseparable part of our cultural landscape.

I'm don't always get up at 4 am, but when I do it's because I feel like shit.

Control DLC is really good, like the rest of the game. I felt all you random people should know.

Last night, my elder child learned an important life lesson when choosing a Netflix movie to watch. And that lesson is David Spade movies are horrible.

Spent the majority of my day trying to get the goddamn 3D printer to work right and am still unsuccessful. I am conceding defeat for the night.

I may not be smart enough to understand how to properly make a 3D printer perform the purpose for which it was created.

Fearghus seems quite pensive this morning. No doubt thinking deep thoughts about the universe and existence and whatnot.

I feel like my feed here is frozen, since almost nothing new has happened since last night. Perhaps I am Mastadoning incorrectly.

Elder child and wife watching Sherlock (elder child just discovered it), youngest is rotting her little brain on YouTube, and here I am, staring at a laptop screen avoiding thinking.

In other news, I am idly browsing for kilts... I feel it's finally time to embrace my hatred of the tyranny of pants. Horrible, terrible, suffocating pants...

I feel like I should have something to say, something important and meaningful, but then remembered that I'm me and don't do that kind of thing. So, hey.


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