Everyone be deleting their account now

So.. I’m thinking about deleting this account and change my domain into social.. *laughs nervously*

@phumviphurit@mstdn.social Don't forget to wear mask too whenever you're outside, Phum! Any plans for today?

@marksiwat@mstdn.social What do you want? I can cook it for you. 🤭

@kristperawat@mstdn.social A follow has been sent to you, nong!

@Harit Thank you very much, Nong! Manis banget. Let's hangout someday biar aku bisa traktirin kamu!

@marksiwat@mstdn.social *showing myself*

@phumviphurit@mstdn.social Morning, may you have a great day to the fullest!

@vachirawit N'Bright, can I get a followback? Thank you!

@Prim N'Prim can I get a followback? Thank you!

@prim@mstdn.social N'Prim, can I get a followback? Thank you!

@loveruk Goodmorning, N'Love! Can I get a followback?

@Harit It's okay! I do speak Bahasa either. Saya juga baik nih. Jangan lupa sarapan ya, Harit!

@TuTontawan I think there are still some bugs in the app, I also didn't get the notifications from Amaroq.

@Harit Sawatdee kha, nong Harit. Thank you for approaching me first since I still need a lot of Thai friends here. How's your morning so far?

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