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In 2019, the UK Department of Health announced a partnership with Amazon.

When we asked to see the contract, the copy we received was heavily redacted.

This week, the ICO partly allowed our challenge to those redactions.


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Facial recognition is an unacceptable invasion of people’s privacy - but more and more governments and companies across Europe are starting to use it.

We need 1million signatures to force the European Commission to listen. Join us and...

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Howto: Use Firejail to enhance Privacy on Linux (Pinephone/Pinetab shown but any Linux machine can benefit from these Firejail tips). Partly meant to be a sequel for my previous videos: Tor Browser on the Pinephone & as Firejail Part II.
#HumanRights #Privacy #Tor #Linux #Pinephone #Pinetab #safety #Firejail #Sandbox

Spraying your food with genetically modified spores with custom DNA sequences in order to trace it through the global supply chain sounds like science fiction, but one company funded by SOSV has made it a reality, and is already testing its technology. Biological barcodes and resource tracking is clearly integral part of the blockchain/AI supply chain being rolled out as part of The Great Reset. But what happens when you eat them?


@MrsShill They'll wear their lines with pride, too. Is there a Facebook frame for that yet?

@777 Weird. It's playing okay for me. 🤷 He posts them to YT, too.

Been FloCed by Google?

Google is running a Chrome "origin trial" to test out an experimental new tracking feature called Federated Learning of Cohorts (aka "FLoC"). According to Google, the trial currently affects 0.5% of users in selected regions, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, the Philippines, and the United States. This page will try to detect whether you've been made a guinea pig in Google's ad-tech experiment.


Young Burmese activists are broadcasting anti-coup messages on pirate radio
"This is revolution radio."

'they dismantled the equipment, each person taking a different piece by a different route to another safe location where they store it. Security is tight. They never broadcast from the same place twice, and the group use aliases, even among themselves. This is Federal FM Radio, live on 90.2 MHz. '


How can you have Android without Google? Didn't Google make Android?

We explore the history of Android and how it is possible to have a version of it without a trace of any Google spyware or Google communication.

We will deconstruct how you can make a de-Googled phone and see if this is usable. We will discuss the positives of using such a device as well as the expected complexities.


A piece from 2017 by Carissa Veliz, but still very relevant today.

'Privacy losses are like ecologic damages or health deterioration: no one act of littering, no one puff of a cigarette will bring about disaster, but the sum of them through time might.'


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Do I have any regrets about closing my Facebook account?

Not. A. Single. One.

* * *

Would be so cool if everyone normalized these pesky data leaks, says data-leaking Facebook in leaked memo

'Facebook wants you to believe that the scraping of 533 million people’s personal data from its platform, and the dumping of that data online by nefarious people, is something to be “normalised.”'


'Ekata leverages data science and machine learning to help customers determine in real time whether an action — such as registering an online account or making a payment — was initiated by a legitimate user or a bad actor.'


'The Bank has pitched Britcoin as “a new form of digital money issued by the Bank of England and for use by households and businesses” and said it would “exist alongside cash and bank deposits, rather than replacing them.”

And which nation is most advanced with tests of its own CDBC, including for cross-border payments, while admitting it likes digital cash because it will let it surveil transactions?

China, that’s who.'


“Twitter has profited from the knowing distribution of child sexual abuse material depicting these two young men when they were children, and it must be held accountable. Twitter cannot sweep under the rug the fact that it both allowed child sexual abuse material on its site and refused to remove it,” blasted Peter Gentala, senior legal counsel for NCOSE.


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