Hi everyone

Little nice news is I got to QF of Writer Duet short challenge

My next genre that I have 10 days to write a short for is FOUND FOOTAGE

So it seems since most found footage stories are some form of horror, I really want to figure out some story that is as far from scary horror as possible.

And that doesn't even mean it should be a silly spoof comedy or anything. Because even that seems too obvious a direction to take

Then I get to go on vacation 😎

These days I have more ideas on what to write in a screenplay than I do on social media

And that's a pretty good place to be in

Taking a rare day off, so making myself available to anyone who wants to talk #screenwriting, has a craft question, or wishes to chat about their work. Feel free to DM me.

Or alternatively, contact me at: www.philmscribe.com/contact

#writing #script #storytelling #story #askme

OK, I'm going to attempt something with my writing that is so ridiculous it just might work

It makes the reader/ viewer an active participant in the story & that fits in wjth the story being told

And my villain will be trying to stop the reader

I've 33 out of 55 shorts done in my self imposed challenge

All in different genres. All low budget.

Next up is 10 days until I have to complete a gangster short

Heres a pointless but maybe helpful tweet about

Since I'm rubbish at art, I've used an app called Dream to help make up images for the title of shorts I've written. You enter words and pick a style you want the app to automatically design an image for.

Here is one example which I use for my zombie short set in a forest. Titled "The Dead Alive"

I think it comes off pretty good.

Here is my debut as a guest on a podcast.

Apparently the apocalypse happened and I was chosen by God to go restart humanity on another planet.

Sounds like a pretty handsome and intelligent God 👍

Anyway here is the link...


I guess I should also introduce our four cats

The two tabby cats are girls - ELLIE and CASSIE

Two black cats are boys - BEEP and HOPPER

the two boys cuddle under covers with me at night and I've genuinely missed them all more than my fiancee when I left them for 5 days 2 years ago.

Cause I'm badass like that 😎🏋️💪

Would love to take this "fresh start" opportunity to get to know any tweeps who have fallen victim to the algorithms. If we're connected across the platforms but haven't interacted much, come over and share some tea! (or maybe vodka better fits the current climate? 🤔)

OK, historical fiction is going to be set in the woods....set during 17th century (hello Puritans!!)

But because I'm setting it in the woods I don't want to make it a horror, which I think is the obvious genre to go with because of the setting)

So I've to come up with a story that's happy and fun but also maybe dealing with Salem Witch Trials 🤔🥴

I didn't feel like announcing this because...well why would I...but why not mention it here....I got myself a freelance gig as a paid script reader

Mother flipping hooray ( I guess)

Technically I can say that script reading is paying for my trip to Las Vegas 🙌🎉

Random question

Which is worse?
Naysayers or doubters?

Would it be worse to hear your writing is rubbish or for someone to just be skeptical that you will make it regardless of how good your writing is?

I've a job interview later, some reading to do and I need to get a move on coming up with a short historical fiction script.

That short needs to be kept low budget so my mind is trying to figure out a scene in a single location - woods - but has to keep in mind clothing and what could feasably be filmed. No point writing a short about legionnaires when the clothing will be hard to portray accurately

Oh...plus I wanna plan out a comedy rewrite👍

This is my podcasts linktree


I need to finish up some recordings and then I can start releasing season 2 👍

Right so if I get the mastadon app how do I login?

It's asking me to join a community and I've no idea where I'm supposed to go? 🤔

Hello people and all the other people here 😃

I'm a writer, have a few placements in different contests. I have a comedy podcast. I write A LOT. I like to set myself fun writing tasks. Currently writing 55 shorts in 55 different genres in 550 days.

I might have to think up of a writing / mastadon related task for myself. 🤔

Say hello and several other words

Random facts about me: I can list first 30 Roman emperors from memory and am brilliant with kids & animals 👍


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