Hello, this is my first post. I’m desperately trying to fathom this out. I defected from Twitter. Now I’m in no-man’s land.

@KitchenDiscoMum you'll be fine. It just takes a bit of time to get your bearings

@tattooed_mummy Thank you, I’m enjoying fathoming it all out. I’m hoping for a safer environment.

@KitchenDiscoMum hang in there. That discombobulated feeling doesn't last long. The thing I worried most was that I joined the wrong server. Turns out the server you're on doesn't really matter. You'll get there 👍

@GracelessHippo How do I know which server I’m on? Forgive me I am an air head when to comes to technology.

@KitchenDiscoMum you're on it's part of the id on your name. You can view it in your profile.


To be clear, I've only been here about 24 hours. I'm no expert.

@KitchenDiscoMum Say hello to people you find interesting. People chat here without following sometimes. It’s rather nice. 😊

You’ll be fine… we’re all in this together… wandering in no-man’s land!

@KitchenDiscoMum Welcome aboard! I’ve been here for three days and have found it to be a very friendly place.

@KitchenDiscoMum hello and welcome. I'm on day 2. It's different but good.

So far not met any nutters or nasties. Lots of techy, science peeps too

@SusieMu45 it’s great! Very technical but I’m starting to understand.

@KitchenDiscoMum welcome. We’re in the same boat. I haven’t a clue but it seems a nice place here.

@KitchenDiscoMum I’m sure we will. Hopefully have a laugh on the way too.

@KitchenDiscoMum Add some details to your bio, so people know a little about who they're interacting with. ❤️

@KitchenDiscoMum Welcome! I'm also a newbie. I was advised to write a "toot" using the hashtag #introduction, saying a little bit about myself and my interests, and using hashtags where possible, to help find like-minded folk. Turned out pretty well as I found a few very nice folk!

@Darcy Hello! Nice to speak to you. I think I’ll construct an intro, that sounds a good idea. Thanks!

@KitchenDiscoMum No problem at all, very glad to pass on the tip 👍

@KitchenDiscoMum Welcome to Mastodon! I'm still getting the hang of it, but I'm liking it a lot.

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