Corinthian helmet dedicated by Hiero of Syracuse after his victory over the Tyrrhenians (Etruscans) in 474 B.C. The inscription reads ΗΙΑΡΟΝ Ο ΔΕΙΝΟΜΕΝΕΟΣ / ΚΑΙ ΤΟΙ ΣΙΡΑΚΟΣΙΟΙ / ΤΟΙ ΔΙ ΤΙΡΡΑΝΟΝ ΑΠΟ ΚΥΜΑΣ: 'Hieron the son of Deinomenes and the Syracusans, dedicate (these arms) of the Tyrrhenians from Cumae to Zeus.'

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Age at death of skeletons from ancient Greece, according to John Laurence Angel's 1970s analysis and a later (1990s) re-analysis.
Thing are relatively good in the Bronze Age, not so great in the Dark Age, and steadily improve through archaic and classical times.

Mein Interview mit dem Althistoriker Prof. Egon Flaig über Demokratie und Sklaverei in der Weltgeschichte.

William H. McNeill on the devastating impact of cholera. (From 'Plagues and Peoples' 1976)

State censorship is blocking people on social media with an army (and a police force). Discuss.

The books by Henry James that I enjoyed the most were: 1. The Ambassadors 2. The Aspern Papers 3. The Portrait of a Lady

My piece for Antigone on the Greeks' two concepts of free speech, and what they might have to teach us today.


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