Argh, no! Remnant is leaving Game Pass this month and I only ever barely started it. 😖

And all this time I thought Handmaid's Tale was a work of fiction

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DLC completed, putting down Fallout 3 for Xbox for now. It felt good to revisit this game, this time on a 3rd platform with another 50+ hours invested.

I'm sure you could figure this from my avatar, but I'm a big fan of the Fallout series. After beating The Outer Worlds for the first time (I wasn't in love with it), I revisited Fallout 3 for the first time in years. After getting used to F4 and F76, it's easy to think I look back on F3 with rose colored glasses... but no, from the writing to the side missions and the world design, there is definitely magic there. It's an absolute masterpiece.

Second excellent episode of Halo in a row! I think this show has turned a corner. With Moon Knight doing the same, it has been a good week for sci-fi/fantasy adventures.

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One of our newest Makerspace members found this Dwayne The Frog Johnson on thingiverse and printed it.

Now we have dozens of them.

I can only compare the sensation of deactivating my Twitter account to walking out into the sun following a 3-day marathon session of horror films held in a basement.

Happily seeing a lot of the tag on introduction posts like mine -- but don't forget to put your gamertag somewhere! I don't play a ton of multiplayer, but still always looking to add peeps on PSN (especially after my most recent purging), Xbox, and Steam. Mine is the name you see above. It's dumb, but it was picked out the day Xbox Live launched, almost 20 (!) years ago. Remember Mech Assault? Ah, good times.

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Thank you, Elon, for helping me finally quit Twitter.

Just to give you an idea of my general level of nerdery, this has been my newest obsession. Well, the little guy in the right....

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This kind of success is as exciting as it is terrifying. Nobody prepares you for this. Every moment I am second guessing if I’m doing everything I can with the given situation.

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Hello, newly acquainted humans! I'm a deeply geeky social worker who loves people... except the people who hate people -- they're, like, sub-people. But not because they live in a sub. I think.

All the other newbies seem to be doing the five favorites thing... and I'm nothing if not a mindless drone! Wooo drones UNITE


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