legally changing my name to mambo no. 5 and none of you can stop me

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i should make a sleep podcast where I go over Cisco networking. if my experiences in my own classes are any indication, it's impossible to listen to Cisco talk for more than 5 minutes at a time without clocking out completely

maybe one day I'll post something thoughtful and insightful, but right now it's all garbage brain for these garbage times we live in

oh hey before I forget, I'd like to reintroduce the fediverse to the terrible, awful, no-good very bad kirby monstrosities I made. as far as I'm concerned they made my 3D printer worth every penny

...also I now have 4 of them because it's I something's worth doing, it's worth overdoing

no need to thank me. you're welcome. if anyone wants one unironically, hmu as I'm pretty sure they're cursed and I would in fact like them out of my house

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roses are red,
pigeons are gray,
who doesn't love
a salami boquet?

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when Stadia came out, I got RDR2 on it for 2 reasons:
- i wanted to give Stadia a fair shot
- when it inevitably went under, for better or (more likely) worse, I wanted in on whatever Google did to reimburse game owners

with the recent news about Stadia's game studios closing, I have to wonder if it's closer to death than I anticipated. taking bets now on if they even reinburse game owners at all and if so, how much. my bet? probably just gonna get an old chromecast and a warmly worded letter

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now just following the accounts I was before. if you get a follow/follow request from me, hi!

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hi! i was running my own instance, but i've decided to shut it down and move elsewhere. that's this account!


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