I love America.

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Black Republican pastor running for Congress just dropped an ad where he fights the KKK with an AR-15.


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It always feels strange to see people use language like this in these cases when you have a disability that has caused you "fear", "distress" and "alarm" in most social situations throughout your life.

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Reading through some pro-life websites to get a better idea of their perspective. Last thing I expected was for it turn into something written by Gramsci.

This image perfectly encapsulates the issue with modern western politics. Sides will passionately support their own views to the point of thinking themselves as freedom fighters against fascist tyranny―all whilst misunderstanding and dehumanising those who don't see their way.

From Kraut's video "Why I no longer make Political Commentary". Saving this here since I feel like it might come in handy later.

These are the same kinds of people who call us crazy far-right conspiracy theorists when we point out their Cultural Marxism. archive.ph/qBky3 archive.ph/BQy9n

I got a new laptop, now you can see what I look like without my phone's horrible fisheye camera (plus glorious 480p)

We unironically need to find a way to get more normies into MGS2. A majority of problems with modern society are perfectly explained in this game.

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