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We unironically need to find a way to get more normies into MGS2. A majority of problems with modern society are perfectly explained in this game.

They have a ridiculous love for the police despite the incompetencies of law enforcement being a major reason for why we need guns.
They deny the decriminalisation of weed despite their position obviously contradicting the idea of conserving what's supposed to be a free country.

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Conservatives have the opposite problem; their principles are all they know.
They support the second amendment just because its something to conserve, they use thoughtless pro-gun arguments such as 'criminals don't care about the law' or 'swimming pools also kill people'.

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Progressives can't keep ahold of their principles. They claim to care about POC, then call black right-wingers 'house niggers'.
They want freedom for LGBT people one moment, then lose it when gay/bi crossdressers want to call themselves traps.

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Conservatives and progressives both have big issues in the same area, that being principles— albeit in very different ways.

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Pro-abortion people make endless arguments in regards to women's rights whilst ignoring that the pro-life argument is based around the protection of the child.

The left and right in America are both stuck making strawman arguments against people who they refuse to listen to.

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They both miss the point of the others' argument too, on both sides. Anti-gun activists argue that guns should be left to cops so civilians don't misuse them, missing that pro-gun people argue that civilians a lot of the time are more competent in the defense of others than cops

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Imperialism is when America does stuff, and when America does a lot of stuff—then it becomes FASCISM!

online leftist discourse consists entirely of being mad whilst telling the person you're talking to that they're actually the one who's mad

Come to think of it, there really is quite the similarity between anti-gun and anti-abortion arguments. Both rely on appeals to emotion, both use statistics in questionable ways and both feel like they're perpetuated within the west's safety cult.

With Pride Month coming up here's a reminder that, if you see somebody make pedophilic comments regarding children and kinks, you're 100% able to save evidence of them saying that to the internet for forever.

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