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The irony that the illustrator themselves falls victim to this fallacious thinking perfectly shows you just how widespread this problem is.

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This image perfectly encapsulates the issue with modern western politics. Sides will passionately support their own views to the point of thinking themselves as freedom fighters against fascist tyranny―all whilst misunderstanding and dehumanising those who don't see their way.

The Political Commodification of YOURSELF! Protest via

From Kraut's video "Why I no longer make Political Commentary". Saving this here since I feel like it might come in handy later.

Where Does Morality Come From? | Moral Foundations Theory, Jonathan Haidt via

These are the same kinds of people who call us crazy far-right conspiracy theorists when we point out their Cultural Marxism.

It was today that I realised that Dick Cheney and John McCain are different people.

The debate over whether trans women are women is a pointless one to have. Its just a Sitch's Law case of deciding which of the pre-established definitions you subjectively choose to be objective.
The appropriate question to ask is whether trans women ought to be women.

"Men shouldn't have a say regarding women's issues."

If you agree with this statement, especially in the context of abortion, please elaborate on it in the replies. Its for something I'm working on.

Anti-Social Media via

This is a great video that somehow only amassed less than 20,000 views in four years. I recommend that you watch it.

I was thinking of starting a discord server or group chat where I post scripts that I'm working on for people to (constructively) criticise. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, reply or DM me.

I got a new laptop, now you can see what I look like without my phone's horrible fisheye camera (plus glorious 480p)

If you often use this site on desktop, consider trying out Twitter Demetricator. Mass adoption of this extension may be the path to ending the ratio obsession.

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