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The goal of is to foster collaboration and sharing, but the and ecosystem defies this: if a project is not in the .NET Foundation, it goes unnoticed.
I assume this happens cause the conformist mindset of the typical .NET developers

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Sentry is committed to giving back to the OSS community, and we're excited to share more on the future of sustainability TOMORROW with @github@twitter.com @starletdreaming@twitter.com @mfonism@twitter.com @left_pad@twitter.com @bagder@twitter.com @clauderic_d@twitter.com @carllerche@twitter.com. Register today! buff.ly/33lxx24

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👀 While performing large-scale static analysis of PyPI packages, @drownedcoast@twitter.com caught 3 malicious packages that target Windows & Linux machines, download , and exfiltrate files related to Apache Mesos files.

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This is great news for Data Scientists who are using to demonstrate their applications on public.
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So here's what's been keeping me busy this weeknd. Have been wanting to write about the many assumptions designrs have around since a long time.

Thanks @sanketpath@twitter.com for asking the right questions and volunteering to proofread ✨

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Are you wary of ? Possibly it's these 4 myths that are vexing you. Get the facts about open source, and then sign up to stay connected. We can help you learn more about using Microsoft with and stuf.in/b7xkut

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We feel like we know everything. But writing, reading and organising again and again will optimize a lot of things.

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All these are easy to leading to arguments:

- dynamic vs static
- human friendly vs machine friendly
- general purpose vs specific purpose

Something you don’t like maybe enjoyed by other people.

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Don't get carried away with formal education, my 2 degrees didn't help me at all, I actually hated (yes hated) coding at college and university

It's not as important as you think. It never prevented me from getting to where I am today

Get IRL experience with 💥

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