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Human decency is not derived from religion. It precedes it.

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If you’re against abortion, don’t get one.
If you’re against contraception, don’t take any.
If you’re against same-sex relationships, don’t have one.
If you’re against same-sex marriage, don’t marry someone of same gender.

Do not impose your beliefs & religion on all Americans.

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autistic-af: neurodivergent-noodle: neurodivergent-noodle: the way people with obvious cognitive disabilities get treated on this site is rancid and we all need to have a big think about that perfect grammar does not matter. someone asking for... tmblr.co/Z-8urfcBfStamy00

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K-12 is very helpful. As a pioneer and graduating na ngayon, kahit mahirap at naging eksperimento kami I must say na it really helped us in choosing our career. If you think ROTC is the best rather than K-12? Think again.

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Advice for Dsmptwt moving into Hermittwt:
People talk shit about the dsmp all the time, so mute some words and key phrases.
If you like shipping this is NOT the website for you.
Everyone knows each other in some way shape or form. ++

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Damage sync is great 10/10 and it feels really nice to colour something again :D!! This was really fun to draw =w=

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6 years ago, grocery ko na 5k dalawang carts na. 3 years ago, 8k ko isang cart na lang. Wag na tayo masyado lumayo, 3 months ago, isang cart ko 11k na. Kanina, yung 11k ko, half cart na lang. How long can we last? How long can the 31M endure?

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if this doesn’t scream “two besties secretly in love” THEN WTF IS IT?!?

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100k views in only 3 days, I'm so deeply honored.

I'm still reeling from all the positive comments, frame redraws, and all the messages I've gotten about it. Thank you all so much again for the love, I'm so happy to be apart of this wonderful community 🧡🧡

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After 5 months of work, it's finally complete.

How Far We've Come, a Hermitcraft S8 Finale Animation (ft. all 26 Hermits from the season.)
Premiering tomorrow, June 19th 12pm EST.

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Me everytime @VintageBeefLP@twitter.com starts to showcase his card game

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Just because a student does not raise their hand, does not mean that they are not thinking deeply about the content. We need to broaden what we mean by engagement in our classrooms/schools. This will invite/value more students in the learning process.

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@JustJake@twitter.com Most startups don’t realise how easy it is for them to get killed by a big player

All it takes is attention . Like Sauron’s eye looking around . The Frodos that succeed in making it big are the ones overlooked due to Sauron’s laziness until it is too late

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Kilala si Pangulong Duterte sa pagpapatupad ng war on drugs at Oplan TokHang sa Pilipinas, pero paano nga ba sinira ng programang ito ang rule of law sa bansa? Panoorin ang paliwanag ni @lianbuan@twitter.com.

Basahin ang iba pang balita tungkol sa war on drugs: rappler.com/topic/war-on-drugs

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There are two kinds of punk:

1) Jello Biafra and Henry Rollins
2) Everything else

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